8-9, November


This B / event-B workshop is organized on behalf of the DEPLOY project. Its objectives are to present current status and ongoing research and development related to B and event B languages and tools, as well as applications to industry size problems. Topics addressed by the workshop are many, including but not limited to:

  • Tool development (language extensions, external provers, code generation, etc.)
  • Modelling challenges (real time properties, probabilistic refinement, design patterns, high order logic, etc.)
  • Deployment (methodology, cases-studies, return of experience, scaling up, etc.)
  • Teaching and training

Researchers are invited to contribute to the second day of the workshop through an open call for papers.


The workshop lasts 2 days:

  • The first day is devoted to DEPLOY speakers. General presentation of the project and tools will be sided by focused talks on scientific/technical matters (modelling time, code generation, model animation, model checking, etc.) that are being researched in DEPLOY. Reports on industrial applications (space, railways, automotive, information systems, etc.) will complete the day.
  • The second day is open to any presenter, through an international call for papers. Expected contributions would range from theoretical research to practical applications of B/event B. Submissions are handled by the programme committee.

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